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    Borderless Communities and Non-Traditional Groups

    Social media has helped those with non-traditional communities such as gamers, singers and songwriters and other groups stay connected beyond those in their local communities. It allows them to connect to those who are hundreds of miles away with their same interest.

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    The Negative Effects of Social Media Relating to Appearance

    OVERVIEW Over the last ten years, social media has grown and expanded exponentially. With a large variety of platforms, millions of social media users are active on a daily basis. Social Media has been proven to serve as great tool with incredible potential to communicate and engage with family, friends, customers, clients, stakeholders, and larger […]

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    Social media addiction and the way it impacts our mood

    Social media is increasingly becoming more and more popular in our society today. We use social media in  our personal and work lives and have all been impacted both negatively and positively from using it. Although Facebook and Instagram can be tempting to browse through at all hours of the day, we are ultimately in […]

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    Branded communities: building loyalty one conversation at a time

    Social media managers wear a lot of hats: public relations specialists, writers, strategists, crisis managers, community builders. Of all the roles, one of the biggest is maintaining the public face of the organization. Still, managing social sites is not just sharing links and responding to comments. Maybe you’re looking to up the ante when it […]

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    7 Negative Effects of Social Media Relating to Appearance

    Social Media has been proven to serve as great tool with incredible potential to communicate and engage with family, friends, customers, clients, stakeholders, and larger audiences. Social Networking Sites allow for individuals to engage and communicate through online technology through several different media forms (Lipschultz, 2018). This variety of platforms can be used for publishing […]

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    4 Reasons Why HR Is Clicking on Your Profile

    Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash It is the night before your big interview for one of your dream job opportunities, and you are researching all there is to know about the company. You are looking at every social media platform the company is actively on, discretely finding the human resource manager on LinkedIn to […]

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    Change Your Marketing Strategy From Selling To Connecting

    The internet has become an invaluable tool for consumers across the globe. Whether you are writing a research paper, watching videos, searching for a long-lost user manual, grocery shopping, or connecting with friends through social media, the internet has become a ‘one stop shop’ for almost every human need. Stephen (2016) stated that 87% of […]

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    Fake News: Disinformation in social media

    Fake news on social media

    Everyone’s been told to not believe everything that they hear or see online. Many of us are programmed to give creditability to posts and websites found online. I remember the State Farm commercial where the lady insists that her boyfriend is a French model, but he is a regular guy who speaks a few words […]

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    When Crisis Strikes, How Will You Respond?

    Crisis Communications

    Often, when we hear crisis, we think of a catastrophic event – a natural disaster, mass casualties, panic and hysteria. However, for a brand, a crisis can erupt with one ill-placed post or a post from an unsatisfied customer. Social media has changed the landscape with how consumers interact with brands and organizations, how they […]

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    Three Tips To Get On The Social Media Train

    In this digital age, it’s unusual to witness a business not taking advantage of social media. There may be several reasons this isn’t happening, and competing companies may be glad that their competitors aren’t using social media. I have had the pleasure of witnessing a few that are successful without the benefit of SM, word […]

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    Social Media: Changing The Game

    Social media has changed the way we live our daily lives. From Facebook and  Instagram, to Twitter, blogs and other online interactive platforms—social media interactivity has shaped our current culture. In the work place, social media is especially relevant. Through social media, companies can build their brands, target large communities at once like never before, […]

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    Engaging Diverse Audiences Through Social Media

    Social media has become a large part of marketing. Social media is a tool that is often used to reach and engage various audiences. Organizations today have a need to learn how to modify their communications plans to include social media and ways to better engage with the diverse audiences that now exists. This list […]

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    So, you want to be top dog on social media?

      Do you want to optimize your reach, grow your audience, enhance your engagement, and better understand your sentiment ratios on social media? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? In our complex digital world not only is it difficult to keep up with the multitude of growing dynamic social media platforms but marketers are challenged […]

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    Amplify social brand communities to boost customer loyalty

    As interactions between brands and stakeholders become more conversations than organizational announcements, community interaction opportunities are at a premium for communicators. Brand communities on social media provide members with a sense of belonging and, when run well, are shown to increase brand loyalty. Looking for ways to organize an online brand community and increase the […]

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    7 Ways Social Media Impacts Our Relationship With Food

    The power we give to food is something remarkable and, so easily, everyone seems to be a food expert simply because they eat. In the advent of social media and even today it was not surprising to see someone rattle off their lunch on Twitter, nod to their new favorite restaurant on Yelp, or showcase […]

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    Analyzing Social Media to Maximize ROI

    As the social media landscape continues to evolve it presents significant challenges for marketers in analyzing the level of customer engagement and impact of its customers. Today, marketers rely on both quantitative and qualitative metrics to understand how users are impacted by their content but analyzing a campaigns effectiveness which goes beyond reach, impressions and […]

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    Highlights of Social Media

    Trust the process, right? Going from high school student athlete to Division I or Division college student athlete is no tiny task. Oddly enough, the skills displayed on the field are not the only skills that will simplify this process. Creativity, competitiveness and confidence are what could take you from a Boston College to a […]