Top 8 Social Media & Theatre Reads

Social media has had an effect on nearly every part of our lives.  Live theatre has also been affected by the power of social media.  Theatre, one of the earliest organized forms of entertainment, has been infiltrated by social media and the effects are certainly being felt.  Here is a list of the top 8 readings that discuss the effect social media is having on theatre.  The rankings are based on the opinion of one high school theatre director, so please consider that while reading.  Enjoy the list!

#1 Theater & Social Media by Patrick Lonergan

Social media has become an increasingly prevalent aspect of our lives, used daily by many people. In this timely study, Patrick Lonergan examines the relationship between social media and theatre. He argues that social media is itself a performance space, analyzing how it's used by both theatres and audiences and also in connection with each other.

#2 Theater, Social Media, and Meaning Making

This book offers the first broad-based survey of the way artists, audiences, and society at large are making use of social media, and how the emergence of social media platforms that allow two-way interaction between these groups has been held up as a ‘game changer’ by many in the theatre industry.

#5 What Role Does Social Media Play In The Theatre?

Social media is undeniably a great tool to be used before or after a show. However, surfing social media and the internet during a performance has recently become far too regular. Rest assured, theatre fans, this isn’t just a Broadway problem, but a global one.

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