Social Media Platforms Promote Academic Environments

Textbooks, in-person events, group studies and the typical classroom have provided the basic understanding of multiple subjects over the course of the years. Although these have served as the traditional form of learning, technology continues to advance and with it, multiple resources involving social media, are drawing the interest of our younger daily users. The following articles and resources are proof that social media is taking over when it comes to keeping students engaged and motived while enhancing their academic knowledge.

#1 Make Your Classroom a Community with Edmodo

The following article introduces Edmodo. This social networking platform allows teachers to customize an online learning space that can be used in and out of the classroom. Students can have further support form their teachers outside of regular school hours and engage proactively with one another. View the pros and cons and take your pick regarding Edmodo.


#2 Print This Page What is a PLN? Why Do I Need One?

When in search of resources, this article defines a Personal Learning Network (PLN) and how this serves as an asset to teachers. Further described in this section, a PLN is primarily developed through a social media platform and requires a teacher holding good standing and willing to establish and maintain professional relationships in exchange for resources used across the world and learning how to implement technology into the classroom.


#3 Tips from the Pros: Promoting Active Learning with Quizlet

Quizlet has several functionalities, but with the innovating flashcard function, students can study academic-related content at the click of a button. Features such as the matching game can keep students engaged while preparing for the test. It is the perfect source for students and teachers to share and showcase their work.


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