Social Media: Bringing a new Merger to Light

Newly formed company, Perspecta, shows off their social media savvy

With social media being an incumbent part of day-to-day existence, companies who utilize these primarily free platforms to connect with their consumers are putting themselves at an advantage compared to the few businesses that remain (miraculously) disconnected in the online environment. Social media’s relevance plays an even larger part of a company’s edge when a merger looms on the horizon. Preparing the public, shareholders, stakeholders, and employees all starts with a diverse social media package tailored to specific platforms.

Social media played a crucial role in the debut of Perspecta, a publicly traded company created when Vencore Holding Corporation, DXC Technology, and Keypoint Government Solutions merged this past June. The new company employed numerous social media platforms to generate excitement and intrigue into the coming merger and has since used these same platforms to engage both their consumers and their employees.

Perspecta began their movement toward interesting the public in their new brand of company by creating several Perspecta oriented platforms to engage their consumers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram were their primary targets and allowed for different means of consumer communication. “Social media conversation can assist with ongoing branding activities, which are crucial to developing, maintaining and generating customer brand loyalty…. By creating content within social networks and mobile social platforms, such as Instagram or Snapchat, it may be possible to increase measured influence.”[1] Perspecta started their conversation with several leading statements on their new social media platforms.




Exciting news is coming! Check back here tomorrow for more information.

Posted by Perspecta on Thursday, May 31, 2018


For each platform, Perspecta went out and drew attention to what was coming for the new company.

Following the announcement of Perspecta’s debut, Perspecta started to engage with the public and thus creating awareness of the change with their consumers. Through their LinkedIn page, they issued several small blurbs explaining what the company’s intentions were, what they were planning on achieving, and provided links back to the Perspecta website itself (https://perspecta.com/). This created a platform for professionals in the area that knew them prior to the change and prior to going public, and for new to company professionals, to both interact with the newly rebranded company and track their progress as the merger completed.

Through the hashtags #seeabetterway and #PerspectaPower, the company was able to attract interest to their social media platforms in the forms of Government personnel, other contractors across the globe, potential future employees, and their current employees operating under a newly expanded company umbrella. Instagram and Facebook featured introductions to the new class of Perspecta interns, featured articles about Perspecta in the news, and a segment called “Exec Friday” where the company introduced an executive in the company and allowed the public to “get to know” that person better. Each of these posts ended with either #PerspectaPower or #seeabetterway.

Overall, Perspecta’s utilization of social media to bring both awareness to their new company and foster a means of two-way communication for their consumers demonstrates the relevance and necessity of businesses to use social media to its full potential. In Perspecta’s case, social media platforms allowed for the company to break down walls and interact with their public; they created a sense of openness (through introducing their interns), trust (profiling their executives), and created the foundation for a solid reputation with consumers.



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