All you need to know about social commerce: The future of business online

Social commerce has become a an important way to shop online.  Here’s a list explaining what social commerce is, some examples of this online activity, why people prefer it, and why companies are enjoying the fruits of their social labor.  Feel free to add to the list!

#2 What are some examples?

These are three well-known examples of social commerce. My guess: you probably have seen at least one of these on social media. The first example is that popular brands like Amazon have been allowing consumers to easily add items they see on social media to their shopping cart by using #AmazonCart. Also, Facebook has been making use of its' new feature, the "buy button," which makes the process of buying items online incredibly simple because the user never has to leave Facebook. Lastly, Instagram has added "shoppable features" that create an Instagram shop, allowing followers to easily reach products. These are just a few examples of how social commerce is taking over social platforms and changing the way people shop online.


#3 Why do people like it?

Research has found that people do really enjoy social commerce, but why? Shopping, in the traditional sense, is a very social endeavor, and online shopping really loses that aspect. When shopping online, you can't seek fashion advice or ask a friend if the jeans you picked out are flattering on you. However, social media makes it a little easier to create a social atmosphere. Some sites even offer a platform where people can post how they used/wore an item, what jewelry they put with the top you are thinking of buying, or if those shoes have good arch support. For example, Megan Heaton runs a blog where she posts things like how she decorated her bedroom or how she dresses on a night out in Barcelona. Link to her blog: https://megnoelheaton.com/2016/11/07/details-from-the-bedroom/

On some sites, fashion experts can curate lists of what to wear, personalized to your style choice and body type. Shoes dazzle is a good example of this: https://www.shoedazzle.com/quiz/step/1?promo=pr_boots- Blogs and sites like this restore a little bit of the social nature back into online shopping.

Besides the social aspect, people enjoy social commerce because of its' ease and simplicity. You can purchase items without ever leaving your social media platform with just simply pressing a button or hashtagging a phrase.


#4 Why do companies like it?

Companies are really enjoying the new hype surrounding social commerce, and there are many reasons why. One of the biggest reason that companies love social commerce is because it gets people talking about their products. Why is that important? Having your consumers talk about your products is so important because research has shown that consumer reviews are about 157% more effective than traditional advertisements. Why else do companies love social commerce? It makes it much easier to build customer relationships when the purchasing is being done right from a social platform. The final reason that companies really like social commerce is because it makes it easier to reach customers you might never have reached otherwise. The nature of social media lends itself to sharing things with friends, and when people "share" content on social media, the number of eyes on a company's product increases astronomically.


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