Up-Dating: Ratings of Perceived Dating Success Are Better Online than Offline (6/7)

First impressions are undeniably important in any kind of meeting context, but they’re particularly important when it comes to dating. With appearance perhaps playing the most vital role, individuals want to present themselves in the most attractive ways possible, which is a far easier task on the Internet. However, with the intention of finding a match online to then physically meet and begin a relationship with in real life, the author states that “online daters have to walk a fine line between presenting an attractive and idealized online self (i.e., to attract potential dates) … [and simultaneously] reflecting an authentic version of the self in expectation of seeking a serious romantic connection offline” (Fullwood & Attrill-Smith, 2018, p. 12). This study, as its title suggests, examines perceived dating success and how one’s self-esteem relates to how attractive others actually perceive him or her to be.

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