The Significance of Written Responses as a Nonverbal Cue that Contributes to Online Young Adult Relationship Initiation (2/7)

Let’s face it — the majority of adolescents today are “digital natives,” living lives seamlessly integrated with multiple social media platforms. This study examines their use of online dating services and applications through a few valuable lenses: how friendships can develop online and may transform into romantic relationships offline, the “risk” one is willing to take to open him- or herself to rejection (i.e., how much information he or she reveals through both conversations and his or her personal profile) and paralanguage. The study surveyed adolescents who currently have or have had at least one online romantic relationship, and it found that survey participants 1) understand online dating, 2) view content in personal profiles as important for evaluating relationship potential and 3) value nonverbal cues (i.e., paralanguage) as insights into relationship potential.

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