The Personalization of Politics (4/8)

This article by W. Lance Bennett proposes a framework for understanding
large-scale individualized collective action that is often
coordinated through digital media technologies. It discusses social
fragmentation and the decline of group loyalties, which have
given rise to an era of personalized politics in which
individually expressive personal action frames displace
collective action frames in many protest causes. This
trend can be spotted in the rise of large-scale, rapidly
forming political participation aimed at a variety of
targets, ranging from parties and candidates, to corporations,
brands, and transnational organizations. The
group-based “identity politics” of the “new social movements”
that arose after the 1960s still exist, but the
recent period has seen more diverse mobilizations in
which individuals are mobilized around personal lifestyle
values to engage with multiple causes such as
economic justice (fair trade, inequality, and development
policies), environmental protection, and worker
and human rights.

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