The #CheatMeal (2/7)

Cheat meals provide a health halo to all foods eaten throughout the week (on non-“cheat days”) and encourage a relationship with food that characterizes every meal as good or bad, influencing others’ evaluation of their own food choices.

“On the first day of data extraction, there were 1,627,379 images with
the #cheatmeal tag on Instagram (Pila, E., Mond, J.M., Griffiths, S., Mitchison, D., Murray, S.B. (2016).

“Notably, just over half of the images (54.5%) displayed volumes of food that were independently deemed, by both members of
the coding team, to represent a volume of food consistent with an
objective binge episode. Caloric estimations ranged from 214 (e.g., slice
of camembert cheese and tablespoon of jam) to 9120 (e.g., two dozen
donuts)” (Pila, E., et. al, 2016).

Pila, E., Mond, J.M., Griffiths, S., Mitchison, D., Murray, S.B. (2016). A thematic content analysis of #cheatmeal images on social
media: Characterizing an emerging dietary trend. Retrieved from:

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