Social and Food Will Make You Eat Your Words…Literally (7/7)

Vats, A. (2015). Cooking Up Hashtag Activism: #PaulasBestDishes and Counternarratives of Southern Food. Communication & Critical/Cultural Studies, 12(2), 209-213. doi:10.1080/14791420.2015.1014184

Social media and food can lead us to try new cuisines, delicacies, and words? Yes sometimes you’ll be lead to eat your words and they may leave a poor taste in your mouth like the words of celebrity chef Paula Deen and her brother Earl “Bubba” Hiers. Vats’s (2015) article explores how the two celebrity chefs were scrutinized on social media for racial discriminatory words and actions against employees causing in the loss of endorsements and partnerships. As cooking up a big pot can cause you to get burned, it is important to know all the facts about what you consume on your plate and social media.

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