How can I avoid the shadowban? (4/5)

  1. Do not use bots or automated apps/websites
    • This means apps that like, comment, follow, or post automatically
    • Instagram easily detects when posts are being generated by a bot
    • Instagram has a strict policy against using these types of tools, and recently shut down one of the most popular ones, Instagress.
    • Put simply, Instagram wants the posts to be generated by YOU.
  2. Check the apps you are using and see if they are appropriate and Instagram approved
    • How do you know if they are appropriate and Instagram approved? You should be able to answer “yes” to both of these questions:
    • Does the login page ask you to login to your Instagram account?
    • Does the URL include “”?
    • The app has to follow Instagram’s Terms and Conditions
  3. Everything should be posted by you.
    • Do you have to physically post, like, and comment? Your Instagram should do nothing automatically.
  4. Be mindful of your hashtags.
    • Some seemingly innocent hashtags have been banned or blocked by Instagram because of inappropriate content that was associated with it in the past, so by using those hashtags you could be drawing negative attention to your account or the hashtags simply won’t show up on hashtag pages.
    • Leave your hashtags in the captions, not the comments.
  5. Don’t look like spam.
    • Avoid posting more than three times a day.
    • Avoid editing captions.
    • Do not go on mass following or commenting sprees.

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