Always have Audience in Mind on a Relatable Level (2/7)

As is with all companies, sports organizations must keep their target audience in mind, while remaining relatable. Sports are a passion for an enormous amount of people all of the world, and a key to engaging on social media is to relate to a wide spread population of fans, ranging of all ages and generations. Clemson University, for example, is known for their social media relations with fans and has won awards such as “Best Twitter in College Football” for the 2015-2016 season. Across all platforms, Clemson University tries to engage fans in understanding what it’s like to be a Clemson Tiger. Jonathan Gantt, the Clemson Athletic Department’s director of new and creative media stated, “Our job is to try to take [the] campus to the recruit through content and through social media,” said Gantt. “It’s really important for us to try to tell the stories of our programs, of our university, sometimes of our individual student athletes, to help explain what it’s like to be a Clemson Tiger.” This is a gold medal example of using social media strategically to relate to your fans and clients.

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