A Chance to Speak UP (5/7)

Social media amplifies the voice of everyday people from the comfort of their couch meaning that anger, frustration, happiness, and even positivity have the potential to reach a wide audience very quickly… the latter usually at the slowest rate.

Of 711 posts, “Employees contributed one-fourth of all negative posts, and the posts by employees received slightly more comments and likes than the ones by customers” (Guidry, J.M., 2015).

“Among self-identified posters, a post by a fast food company employee tends to generate more comments than a post by a customer. Further, a positive or neutral post tends to generate more likes than a negative one” (Guidry, J.M., 2015).

Guidry, J.M. (2015)From #mcdonaldsfail to #dominossucks: An analysis of Instagram images about the 10 largest fast food companies. Retrieved from: https://www-emeraldinsight-com.ezproxy.lib.purdue.edu/doi/full/10.1108/CCIJ-04-2014-0027

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