Persuasion to Eat Healthy (3/7)

Zhang, X., Baker, K., Pember, S., & Bissell, K. (2017). Persuading Me to Eat Healthy: A Content Analysis of YouTube Public Service Announcements Grounded in the Health Belief Model. Southern Communication Journal, 82(1), 38-51. doi:10.1080/1041794X.2016.1278259

It’s known that social media collects information on what you search through cookies, but what if social media was also trying to tell you that you need to avoid the cookies you buy from time to time? With mouthwatering images, who can resist wanting to indulge with what you see online. In Zhang et al.’s (2017) article, these scholars explore the effects of public service announcements (PSA) on Youtube and its effects on users as researchers aim to create social media campaigns designed to entice healthy eating.

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