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Improving Your Small Business Through GPS-Enabled Apps

Young entrepreneurs today face a unique challenge only surfacing in the last decade: “How do I let my customers know all the cool things I can do for them?” It’s too expensive to keep putting out ads on TV and in newspapers, and no one uses them anymore! Everyone uses Netflix or Hulu or reads their news through their smart phones. Never fear young businessperson, reimagined GPS tech has allowed the Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z to reconnect with you and your business through some basic, but import, updates to their platforms in recent years. The best part? It’s totally free for you!

#1 Facebook

The most popular social media platform in the world. Billions of people have one, all your competitors seem to use them like pros, and now it’s your turn to harness this multipurpose tool.

Creating an Event

Why spend thousands of dollars on traditional media when you can do it for free? Facebook events allow you to spread the word through your local community, generate interest through ads (if you want to fork out the extra $$), and keep your customers updated on your products.

Checking In

Ever hear of ‘Keeping up with the Jones’? How about keeping up with your business? This feature of Facebook works hand in hand with your events, home page, and when you direct your customers to follow you on social media. Check in allows others to see where their friends are, and by extension, generate free advertising! Recommendations from friends is the number one strongest influencer for others to try a product.

“Check out” The de facto Facebook Guide to Small Businesses

#2 Twitter

If tediously maintain a large Facebook page isn’t quite your cup of tea, or you simply don’t have time because let’s face it, you’re running a small business! Twitter might be the platform for you. Showcasing your products and services in 140 characters or less can seem frustrating, but it will give you the bang for your buck for the little time you have to spare. The best part? You can jump on popular #Hashtags in your area, and even Geotag your events just like Facebook.

Another perk of the ‘microblogging’ site is instantly answering customer questions, concerns, and comments. Interacting with your clients and customers in real-time shows that you care and will keep them coming to your events.

Check out the How-To on everything from Tweeting to Geotagging to get spun up on your new interactive platform

#3 Snapchat

Despite what you heard Snapchat might’ve been made for back in the day, it’s added another layer to how to market your business through video and photos. This is definitely a tool anyone can use.

Tell a Story!

One of Snapchats most unique features is the ability to tell a fun daily story to your customers through video and photos. An online diary of sorts, this will help you connect with the local community because they get to see your face, helping build rapport and credibility.

Find your Friends

Sharing your businesses personal story goes hand in hand with your friends, colleagues, and future customers. Through the power of GPS on our smart phones, Snapchat allows users to see what their friends are up to in real time. Although this is a turn off for some, this will help that “word of mouth” free advertising we talked about earlier.

#4 Instagram

While Facebook is a combination of all the rich media that your audience loves, it takes time. Twitter is useful for interacting with customers quickly and briefly. Snapchat lets you tell a dynamic story on a daily basis but is very ‘disposable’. If you’re more of a “let me show you” kinda person, Instagram is the place for you.

Follow that Location!

A great feature of this scrapbook app is that is groups photos and videos almost exclusively by location. Luckily for busy entrepreneurs like yourself, these locations can be made by anyone, which takes less time out of your day to keep trying to get hits on your page. All someone has to do is snap a pic or take a video, then add where they are. Short, sweet, and to the point. You can establish your business as a standalone location or simply tag your street or block.

Check out how the University of Windsor used Twitter and Instagram to create a social movement to increase health awareness on campus through checking in, photos, videos, and trends.

#5 Tumblr

Last but not least is blog city, Tumblr. This website definitely encompasses everything a younger audience wants: links to content, a simple blog space, videos, articles, photos, you name it. If your business model is central to painting a tapestry of events, content, or tips and tricks, this blogosphere is the place for you.

Go Forth and Discover

Tumblr is known for its tightknit communities and vast capability to discover whatever niche interests you may have. Perfect for the young businesspersons who do what again? Oh right, find that niche and fill it with awesome products and services! Using Tumblr to showcase your business offers you endless ways to keep in touch with not only different target publics, but similar businesses and programs as well.

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