Highlights of Social Media

Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers Joel Embiid, notoriously known for his ‘Trust The Process’ catchphrase.

Trust the process, right?

Going from high school student athlete to Division I or Division college student athlete is no tiny task. Oddly enough, the skills displayed on the field are not the only skills that will simplify this process. Creativity, competitiveness and confidence are what could take you from a Boston College to a University of Alabama type of playing field. Choose wisely.

Oh, let me not fail to mention the power of … social media. That’s a given though, isn’t it? Your highlight reel could be professionally produced, but without social media platforms to share it then it simply means nothing. Social media has received a bad reputation over the last few years. You know, because millennials ruin everything (sarcasm, I’m a millennial). When in reality, if the different platforms are used to the best of their ability then people could see the beauty in social media.

There is a lot of junk said about Twitter, there is also a lot of junk said ON Twitter. That’s not the point. Just like anyone can be a blogger nowadays, anyone can be a ‘tweeter.’ To post and share your highlight reel on the platform of Twitter, that is the best way to reach coaches and recruiters. It may take a while to receive that notification of someone responding and noticing you, but start early and trust the process.

Small, local businesses now must resort to utilizing social media in order to get discovered and promote their business. It is the easiest and cheapest form of marketing. The same scenario goes for student athletes, it doesn’t cost anything to promote the hell out of yourself.

College players do not get compensated, free is the perfect price. That’s actually a whole other blog post. Let’s get back to social media.

The Big Three.

The big three of social media is composed of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each platform allows you to post videos, use hashtags, tag people, and interact with other users.

Here is a real-life scenario … Imagine if you went 100 straight days posting your highlight reel link on Twitter and tagging different coaches and scouts that belong to Louisiana State University. If players do not go to larger high schools, it is much more difficult to receive recognition no matter how respectable the player may be on the field. Basically, you have to make up groundwork and the best way to do that is through the use of social media.

In October of 2018, Twitter reported that they have nearly 326 million monthly active users (the truth). The odds are highly in a user’s favor that they know someone else who is active on Twitter. Use those people to your advantage and be confident in sharing your material, your skills.

Social media is not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, think about how far each platform has come. Users are now able to stream a live video and interact with those who are tuning into that video. It would be in anyone’s best interest to never underestimate the power of social media.

The National Champion Clemson Tigers even resort to social media for their recruits.

Jeff Scott is the co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach at Clemson University. He told USA Today that “Social media is also a great way to communicate and learn more about the prospects we are recruiting. At Clemson, we have an entire office whose sole duty is to go through the social media of our prospects. It’s extremely important for us to understand who we are dealing with.” The reigning National Champions … Clemson University. This is just one example of the power behind those twitter fingers (shoutout to Drake).

Stay the course, kid. Trust the process, athlete. You never know who might discover you.

This may not be said a whole lot, but keep tweeting. Keep posting.


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