7 Peer Articles on Social Media Use & Crisis Communication

Peer reviewed articles are handy sources of information because of the in-depth research that typically goes into writing one of these pieces. Additionally they provide a compilation of information from several sources all in one document. There are several articles on the benefit of social media usage in crisis communications. In this listicle, we take a look at a few articles that are very informative pieces based on their perspective industries.

#1 Communication During Crisis in the Travel and Tourism Industry

This piece, authored by Ander Steene, provides insight on how to deal with a crisis in the travel and tourism industry. It also analyzes answers from a panel of Delphi Professionals based on three case studies they were asked to review.

#2 Crisis Management and Recovery in Hospitality Services

This article is unique because it explores handling a hospitality crisis based on cultural norms. The article actually discusses hospitality crises in Turkey based on social status in a power distance model. It provides a deeper view of the variation of public responses to a crisis based on geography and social standing. This piece was authored by Erdogan Koc for the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

#3 Communication at Times of Crisis: The Rover Experience

This article, which was written by an Anonymous contributor for the Human Resource Management International Digest, explores the sale of BMW's sale of Rover. The communications tactics that ensued at the time of this sale are explored.

#4 The Role of Social Media in Local Government Crisis Communicatio

This article collected data from 300 participants who worked in local government. It goes on to explore the crisis communications responses based on their municipalities. The piece was authored by 'Melissa Graham, Elizabeth Avery and Sejin Park for the Public Relations Review.

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